Ethan Bishop

Software Developer

About Me

An outside the box thinker with a passion for learning and technology.. Finding new inventive things with computers and software has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Writing code for any project gives me a place to let my mind go and find ways to make something more efficient or helpful. I live for experiences, so being in the software world gives me a place to receive these opportunities.


  • Python
  • Html
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • Javascript
  • Java

My Projects

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A project completed with a partner that simulates a banking system with extra function to help in saving money. This project is built in python by using a series of classes and objects to have default functions for each part of the banking system.

[November 2020]

Github Repo
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Who is the goat website

This is a small website I created just showing someone I consider a goat.

[November 2020]

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Twitch Chat Bot

This is a project I started for fun just to interact with twitch.tv's node js interface and it will interact with people in a twitch chat when certain commands are typed.

[November 2020 to Present]

In Progress..
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Hacket Forum & Live Chat

A project completed with two partners that is an online chat room with a posting system so that people can communicate about a topic. This project is built in the python web framework Django. This project also required a system called Django Channelsthat allows the use of web sockets to send these messages. The communication of messages over the sockets was built in javascript.

[March 2020]


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